eAthena simplifes the eBook creation and conversion process: migrating your content to eReader, Smart Phone or Tablet.

Ebook Conversion

At eAthena, we understand how easy it is to be intimidated by the range of ebook conversion
reading devices available in the market today. In response to this, we simplify the eBook creation and conversion process for our clients. We make it possible for your content to be mobile-ready and accessible in any format your readers require – any eReader, Smart Phone or Tablet.

Whether you’re providing your readers an alternative to the printed page, or distributing updated product information to your field professionals, eAthena is your eBook publisher of choice – delivering the highest-quality affordable digital content from any source format to any mobile platform.

eAthena offers publishers a truly flexible solution for preparing content for eBook devices, including the Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, SONY® eBook Reader, Barnes & Noble NOOK, and the Droid and Mobipocket readers. With our technical expertise, relationships with device manufacturers, and experienced eBook publishing team, we take the headache out of trying to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape and format compatibilities.

What eAthena Can Do for You

  • Create and/or convert your content to ebook conversion
  • Help increase revenues while lowering production costs
  • Ensure that you deliver eBooks of consistently superior quality
  • Assist with design, management, and optimisation of the eBook publishing process
  • Establish a flexible publishing capability that positions you to adapt to future market dynamics

Have eAthena convert your content assets for a multitude of eReaders and benefit from:

  • New revenue streams
  • Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Consistently high-quality output
  • Exceptionally low cost per eBook
  • Conformity with IDPF’s EPUB standard
  • Rapid conversion of large volumes of content