• Digitization

    Advanced Physical to Digital Conversion Services
    Digitization Services
    Publishing and Pre-press Services

  • Ebook Creation

    eBOOKs Creation/ Conversion
    XBRL and iXBRL Creation / Conversion

  • App Development

    Software Development
    iPad / iPhone
    Android devices (Phones & Tablets)
    Windows Mobile

  • Publishing

    XML Conversion
    eData conversion


About eAthena

eAthena is a technology-driven BPO Company committed to facilitate the transition of anything paper to anything electronic. We have teams of experienced professionals and enthusiastic youth to provide the best combination for any publishing project. We provide complete end-to-end content conversion and management services and solutions to customers worldwide; while maintaining the highest levels of data and client integrity.

We can convert to all media types including: 

  • PDF to XML /Doc/XLS/HTML
  • Audio file to Electronic Text file
  • Microfilm to HTML/XML
  • Database to XML

epub conversion

Benefits of conversion:

  • Fast, easy access to digital information
  • Highly searchable content for fast retrieval
  • Elimination of costly physical storage
  • Cleansing and consolidation of electronic documents
  • Secure, central data repository of electronic assets


Some of our Specialized services:

  • eBooks

    eAthena simplifes the eBook creation and conversion process: migrating your content to eReader, Smart Phone or Tablet.

  • App Development

    eAthena can repackage your content as new, innovative, interactive “Apps” for iPhone, iPad, and Google Android.

    App Development
  • Publishing

    We offer various Publishing services that encompass migration of content from almost any format to digital.

  • Digitization

    eAthena provides state-of-the-art services for digitization of records and documents in large organizations.

  • Illustration / Animation

    We can create Characters, both hand-drawn as well as CG (computer generated), and to any illustration style.

    Illustration / Animation
  • eBook Security – DRM

    Digital Rights Management is the first step in protecting eBooks from being copied or transmitted without permissions.

    eBook Security – DRM