eAthena provides state-of-the-art services for digitization of records and documents in large organizations.

Document Scanning Services
High volume A4/Letter Document Scanning
eAthena uses sophisticated high speed duplex scanners for scanning A4/letter documents. we have a capacity to scan over 500,000 pages per day into most formats including TIF, PDF, JPG and many more. Our document scanners can handle B+W, colour and any size up to 36″ wide. Scanning your documents into digital form can bring you many benefits including:

  • Whether you have invoices, project files, correspondence, books/magazines, purchase orders or other documents to scan eAthena can recommend the best method for your organisation to ensure your documents are scanned quickly, to a high quality and at a low cost!
  • Typically you can store 3 filing cabinets of information on one CD ROM thereby saving thousands of dollars per year on document storage space.

Book Scanning
eAthena have specialised scanners to delicately handle the scanning of even the most fragile book and documents without any contact to the original pages.
These books and documents can be scanned in bi-tonal, grayscale or even full colour. Once scanned images can be converted into PDF, HTML or other formats making them instantly accessible on the web.
Other applications for book scanning include deeds and other bound legal documents, lab notebooks and minute books.

Microfilm Scanning
eAthena can provide conversion services in an on-demand environment or digitally capture your entire inventory of legacy microfilm. In an on-demand scenario, film is scanned as it is requested, ensuring that your most frequently accessed frames or rolls are digitally captured. The end goal is to reduce your cost per retrieval.

Using state-of-the-art scanners and image enhancement software, eAthena can digitize your existing microfilm or microfiche, producing images often better than the quality of the original film

Film Types – Scanning and Indexing

  • 16/35 mm roll
    • Various lengths: 100′ and 215′ most common
    • Blipped or Un-Blipped film
  • Microfiche
    • Various types: Microfiche, COM Microfiche, Jackets
  • Aperture Card
    • Various types: Hollerith Code, Non-Hollerith Code