eAthena simplifes the eBook creation and conversion process: migrating your content to eReader, Smart Phone or Tablet.

Apple IPAD Format
The beauty of an eBook is its real-time reflowable text that adjusts for any eReader device, thanks to the EPUB eBook format standard. It works great for text and small embedded images, but not so well for titles with design-critical layouts, such as cookbooks, travel books, comic books and childrens’ books.

For books with sophisticated illustration and/or photography, Apple has developed a precise, “fixed layout” format for iPads and iPhones that eAthena employs to produce beautiful, full-page, full-bleed, illustrated eBooks that retain the page fidelity of their print originals.

The production process for creating these Fixed Layout eBooks is more complex than creating a standard EPUB eBook. It’s more akin to typesetting a page on the screen and involves manipulating an EPUB file to precisely control the page layout, position images, embed fonts and create two-page spreads with a single image.

Apple’s Fixed Layout format for the iPad is ideally suited for titles in which any of the following are critical to the reader experience:

  • Multicolumn text pages
  • Page design and design elements
  • Illustrations or artistic photography
  • Aspect ratios that cannot change
  • Original art that must be faithfully represented
  • Color and graphics that support reader comprehension and/or enjoyment