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eBook Security – Digital Rights Management

Though digitisation of assets provides businesses with huge benefits in data management, a major challenge is the protection of intellectual property rights. Unauthorised copying and piracy of traditional book content is limited to scanning. However with eBooks, these can be easily transmitted leading to piracy and breach of copyright law.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) meets these challenges, and is the first step in protecting the eBooks from being copied and transmitted without appropriate permissions. An example of how DRM works is by embedding encrypted code within eBooks that prevents copying, or specifying a time period in which the content can be accessed or even limiting the number of devices the content can be installed on.

Most DRM solutions available in the market today, are complex to implement and use and are very expensive. eAthena understands the publishing industry and the demand for an effective and fool-proof DRM solution that can be easily implemented. To address this, we have developed our own DRM solution with an encrypted mechanism that locks the content and limits its distribution to only authorized users and systems. This system is affordable even to small and medium publishers.