Kindle Conversion

Kindle Conversion

Kindle Conversion is one of the leading eBook formats based on the Open eBook specifications. It is loosely based on HTML 3.2 and includes some unique formatting requirements. Amazon bought Mobipocket in April 2005. The Amazon Kindle’s AZW format is actually the Mobipocket format with a slightly different serial number scheme. With Amazon’s Kindle becoming so popular, use of Mobipocket/Kindle ebook format for ebook publishing is increasing day by day.

What Makes Mobipocket Format Perfect for EBooks?

  • Compatible with different reading platforms like Mobipocket Reader on Windows PCs, Blackberrys, Symbian smartphones, and Windows-based smartphones, as well as the Kindle and a few other eBook devices.
  • Compliant with open standards such as OEB and XHTML
  • Is a secured format as it implements the Digital Rights Management System ensuring protection from copyrights

Extensive knowledge in the arena of eBook conversion has enabled us to offer low cost conversion of your Word file, PDF file, HTML file or any other format file in the Mobile & PC compatible format of Mobipocket/Kindle irrespective of the degree of complexity involved. We provide the complete cycle of services from Mobipocket/Kindle formatting to conversion to publishing companies.

Our Mobipocket and Kindle conversion services include:

  • PDF to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • Word to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • HTML to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • TXT to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • ePub to Mobipocket/Kindle Conversion
  • InDesign to Mobipocket/Kindle conversion
  • Printed Books, materials, hard copy to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • Scanned documents to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • XML to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • QuarkXPress to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion