We offer various Publishing services that encompass migration of content from almost any format to digital.

Content Mining
Mining for highly specific data can be painful, especially in a world where the most valuable content is unstructured and difficult to find. Yet to stay competitive and grow, one must provide users with ever richer and more complete content products.

eAthena’s Content Mining capabilities help enterprises overcome these challenges, and produce new content streams more cost-effectively. Whether your data are business, financial, technical, consumer, or academic, eAthena’s experts take traditional data mining to a new level.

Data mining services are being employed in CRM implementation to present the essential tasks, and are executed on the following basis:
1. For Remarkable in-depth analysis
2. To establish as probability of success.

Some of the services which we provide in Content Mining:

  • Collecting data from web and building a database in Excel
  • Data Cleansing for better Quality
  • Capturing accurate information and data from competitor’s website
  • Searching websites and collecting information from these websites