Abstracting & Indexing

Abstracting & Indexing
In today’s age of continuous information, content-driven organisations often find it difficult to find information that is not only correct but also relevant. eAthena can help such clients create intelligent, rules-based indexing systems that simplify access for their end-users.

Having worked with the world’s largest publishers and information-centric companies for more than 20 years, eAthena’s subject matter experts are skilled at tagging content in complex and diverse disciplines and crafting meaningful, concise abastracts so your customers derive greater value from your content.

Abstracting & Indexing Offerings

  • News Abstracts: Summaries of articles, press releases and other news content that provide detailed information tailored to an industry or topic.
  • Customised Abstracts: Abstracts structured according to customers’ guidelines, methodology, format, and purpose. Based on pre-defined topics, industries, timelines, format and indexing.
  • Structured Abstracts: Used for clinical research articles, these abstracts follow a defined structure and organization, often adhering to a recognized, established format, e.g. patent abstracts for patent application documents.
  • Indexing: Assignment of topical headings by subject, geography, event, numeric value, document, context, photo/image, book, name and/or subject descriptors. Can also include key wording-in-context, cataloging, reverse indexing, legal and bibliographic indexing.
  • Semantic Tagging and Taxonomies: Creation of tags and taxonomies based on synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms and spelling variations to derive meaningful key words. Inserting taxonomies in abstracts and indexes results in user-friendly Internet searching.

The eAthena Advantage
Data model creation expertise using a range of standards
Expert knowledge of XML technologies and semantic web standards
Subject matter experts with degrees in specialized disciplines and domains
Experience implementing complex technology solutions with content mark-ups
Experience creating taxonomies based on user search criteria, key words and content scanning